5.27.22 Inversions Workshop

FRIDAY, May 27th, 2022 @ 6 PM Reserve your spot!

Book online in advance and get a discount before 5/22 https://nationalhotel.net/yoga-inversions-workshop/ .

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Learn how to discover your limits with a transformed conscious about you being upside down. Through the main basic postures like headstand, shoulder stand and plough, we open a cycle of variations and tips to achieve more confidence in holding the asana. Master balances about the second hour through the practice, feeling the strength of the practice in your physical and mental awareness. Realize how the time process stops during the practice, leaving the time out of counting.

You will be able to:

    * Deepen the understanding of their own practice.

    * Explore how to get into the poses step by step

    * Improve circulation aiding tissue regeneration

    * Lift one`s energy & create a state of being of lightness

    * Increase mental power and concentration 

    * Increase self-confidence, leaving fears behind

    * Supply blood to the brain – nourishing the neurons & flushing out toxins

    * Through daily practice stop the gravity decadence process

    * Figure out how to sequence inverted poses

    * Improve the quality of meditation

The workshop is appropriate for yoga teachers who have not yet developed the understanding of teaching inversions or/ and have difficulties in practicing them on a daily basis.  Also for practitioners of yoga who want to deepen their practice. This workshop is not suitable for beginners. The workshop is a combination of lecture and experience; but mostly, it is the practice itself that applies the method of learning. Students will work with the teacher in hands-on experience and partner for some poses. This is a workshop I’ve been teaching in Miami Beach, Florida with a good number of attendances, as well as in other countries.