From people, yoginis, yogis, teachers and friends. I am  always honored by their practice and humankind , grateful for being part of their lives.  om

jenny cornero classTuba Oguz.  

”Jenny is a gifted teacher who lives yoga as a life style, I learned so much from her. Her classes of mixture of love and hard work. Simply she is a great teacher. I love her.”

Valerie Slebi. 

”Jenny Cornero is a fantastic yoga teacher. Whenever I am in Miami I am sure to get on her schedule. When I used to live in Miami, I was in her classes every week without fail.”

Joanne Fanny Barry. 

”Jenny is a fabulous teacher. I had the pleasure of taking classes with her when I lived in Miami and actually brought my sisters there with me after I left – just to have a week with her!!!” 



Patrick O’Connor. 


”I’ve been taking yoga classes with Jenny for many years. She has improved my life spiritually, mentally, and physically in so many ways! Thanks in part to Jenny, I am in the best shape of my life and was able to overcome injury last year to complete my first Ironman triathlon. Highly, highly recommended as a teacher and as a friend.”

Sonia Terboss. 


”Jenny is an amazing yogi! She guides you easily through your practice while keeping you mindful and respectful of your limitations. Her energy and light surrounds you with enlightenment which allows you to go deeper in your practice. Jenny embodies the essence of yoga, I love her classes.” 

Nicolay Del Salto. 


”The sweetest person and teacher I’ve come across with. She will inspire you into asanas you never imagined getting into.” 


Zoe Ann Lewis, M.D. FACP   “Jenny and her Hatha yoga classes are the best in Miami. She is inspirational, professional and a superlative teacher. She offers workshops that challenge and expand your practice. I have taken classes at different locations, perhaps more “in” yet I am now a regular and won’t waste my time elsewhere. Jenny have helped me deepen my practice, without yoga injuries!” www.zoealewis.com

Maria Coyne, Owner, MECoyne, Inc. “Jenny, is a very gifted and talented teacher. She bring tremendous knowledge of yoga, pranayama, meditation and the body. She has the ability to assess her students zone of mobility and how to deepen their individual practice while conducting a group of 30 students. I have also studied privately with Jenny to take my practice to a higher level. I was always impressed with how well she knew what my capabilities were and how to navigate my mind and physical practice to expand my possibilities. Above all, she teaches with full compassion and honor of the yoga practice and our bodies. I love working with Jenny!”

Lia Janoff  Advertising & Promotions Manager at NBC “Jenny inspired me to become the yogi that I am today. With her teaching I went from knowing nothing about yoga to begin able to use it as my lifestyle. I can meditate, do complex asanas (hand stand, forearm stand, full bow, many arm balances…), all thanks to Jenny’s teaching.”

Sonia Terboss CMO, Spajuicebar “Jenny guides her students on a spiritually inward journey to yoga. Her unique approach to teaching yoga is to honor and respect the body and one’s limitations. By appreciating your inward beauty, a student learns to accept the challenges, limitations and accomplishments of oneself. Her teaching method is calming and challenging, leaving the student invigorated & balanced. Jenny is a spiritual teacher whom is gentle and grounded in her practice of yoga. She is a conscious teacher who recognizes and knows her students yoga practices. It is through her guidance that I have found yoga. I highly recommend Jenny’s teaching methods to all. Sincerely, “


Lisa Vaughan  Vice President at A-1 Tech Support Review  “I highly recommend Jenny Cornero as a yoga instructor. Each class Jenny teaches is unique and specifically suited to the needs of the individuals and to the group. As each individual arrives for class, Jenny observes the subtle signs of his/her energy, stress levels from the day, general mood and any physical aches or pains. When the class begins, she has put it all together in order to provide the best balance of poses and pace for the class. She begins each class with a reminder that we must listen to ourselves and our bodies and do what we can and rest when needed. Jenny combines an atmosphere of fun, comfort, and endless possibilities for growth. She often provides several modifications for poses, so that beginners may do what they can and not feel pressured, while intermediate students can continue to develop their practice to the next level. She provides anatomical information in an accessible manner, so that we can relate what we feel in our movements to the muscles in use and thereby also better focus on the correct use! She applies just the right level of encouragement for her students to try something new. Many times I and my fellow students have surprised ourselves by achieving a pose we never thought possible, just by following Jenny’s careful instructions and encouragement! Jenny’s knowledge of yoga and teaching techniques is impressive in breadth and depth. She develops her students’ practice with grace, humor and always with patience. Jenny’s classes always leave her students filled with energy, calmness and bliss!”

Yvette Le Clair. Primary/Secondary Education Professional and Yoga Instructor Review  “As a yoga instructor, Jenny can guide a novice yogi towards his or her yoga practice by gradually transferring the benefits of yoga. Like a the unnoticed disappearance of the days final light, one can experience a new world; a world of peace, openness, and dedication. For a yogi, who has had years of practice, and who understands that yoga is never mastered, Jenny can deepen your practice by expanding on classic poses and introducing you to new ideologies and fundamentals. Many of us practice yoga for a vast array of reasons. However, very few can teach yoga. A class with Jenny is fun, a month with Jenny is exciting, a yogi committed to Jenny’s classes will get lost in the vast ocean of light, love, and strength. For each of us, there are different keys that open worlds, maybe this is the key that fits…”