Kutir Films


  Kutir Films was born under the spell of my first visit to India.

  Kutirs are meditation huts, where the gurus used to live, practice, read the scriptures or write about them, and meditate.

These are not just mere huts, rather, they look like miniature palaces, with domes and splendid architecture. They are painted in bright colors, and surrounded by beautiful gardens, in a peaceful environment. Since I wanted to bring Yoga into screens, I realized that the Kutirs were my initial inspirations to make this a very intimate and personal practice. Just like when you are at your home, you are at your kutir.

Kutir Films was founded to develop the permanence of Yoga for Health DVD, created initially in 2005.

Kutir produced the enhanced version of the first 4 chapters series of Yoga for Health and produced and directed en 2012 the Yoga For Health second series with four more titles, launched by Dreamscape in 2016.

Kutir is in the preproduction of the 3rd series of Yoga for Health program.