It is all about YOGA  and to rise in LOVE with YOGA 

ONE on ONE sessions of  Yoga will transform your life experience

about yoga jenny cornero

 In my yoga place or your home. These sessions are designed for those who want private yoga instruction due to closed schedules, injury, illness or those who simply need to get a “yoga sample ” before they hit a group class. These private sessions are grouped according to your specific needs and customized to meet your fitness or health goals. I offer classes tailored to suit individual needs. From beginners to practitioners, enjoy a more specific therapy and breathing techniques. In any case,  here I am to go with you thru the process of healing and happiness that derives from mindful  practice. After a nice, deep yoga immersion, you will follow a singular savasana or relaxation.

Through Yoga, the mind steadily becomes more transparent, so the part of us that “sees” is able to see more clearly and make this “seeing” accessible to us, unveiling the unreal.

Also coming, eventsDVD’s series. All levels, all conditions.

“A mind free from all disturbance is Yoga.” – The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali