International Yoga instructor Jenny Cornero has an academic background in communication, journalism, and audiovisual production.

 While living in San Francisco, Jenny discovers the discipline that would influence her life. 

She graduated from the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Vedanta, in The Bahamas, in 1995. At the ashram, she lived as a staff and taught yoga for about a year long. She opened new spaces to awake and transformed her consciousness, where eventually she believes the soul of yoga will drive civilization. This experience led her into a new path with a new mission: to spread yoga around the world. 

She has traveled extensively around America and Europe propagating Yoga and also India, where she got to be more involved with the true essence of eastern philosophy. In her guidance, as well as in her practice, Jenny opens new doors for those who believe they can improve their quality of life, understanding that a regular yoga practice is a key to health, awareness, and self-realization. 

In 1999 she met Sri Dharma Mittra, a legendary Yoga Master based in New York, who inspired her through his teachings and yogi life. Jenny brought Mr. Dharma to Miami two times for extensive workshops. She is the director of Kutir Films and the producer of 16 Yoga programs “Yoga for Health” and “Yoga para la Salud” (filmed in two languages) distributed in the USA, Latin America, Europe, and Australia streamed on Amazon Prime and FMTV. Jenny teaches yoga regularly in Miami Beach and travels around Europe and Latin America, giving workshops and training in yoga philosophy and practice.